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The Beetle Booth®

This wooden booth is made from Lodge Pole Pine which was ravaged by the Pine Beetle years ago. The unique wood was recycled by Ear2Ear® and given a new life with her beautiful grain as our first photo booth. The Beetle-Booth® has the ability to host up to 10 adults inside as well as entertain the rest of the guests with a 18” external monitor popping the pictures on the outside as they’re getting taken on the inside. This woodsy booth stands on a 4’x8’ frame and stands roughly 73” tall. Guaranteed to carve out some smiles!


The Gondola Booth®

Yep, this is a real gondola! Ear2Ear® added this baby to the photo booth family in 2009. The gondola spent its first life delivering powder hounds from base to peak. It’s now reincarnated as Ear2Ear’s 2nd custom photo booth. The Gondola Booth® has plenty of good karma to give to all who enter. While hosting 5-7 adults at a time, the Gondola Booth® will entertain the outside guests with a 37” LCD monitor mounted to the top showing all the “flakes” on the inside as they’re getting their pictures taken. The gondola has roughly a 7’x7’ footprint and stands about 9’ tall with the monitor. Take a ride on this magical machine!

The Twin Peaks Booth®

Well, what’s there to say…this one speaks for itself! Inspired by the snowy peaks of Colorado, the Twin Peaks Booth® has the ability to illuminate almost any color to match your event. Bring 8-10 of your friends and family inside to enjoy up to 6 different print types including color or b&w, sepia, sketch, painting and negative. All you will see from the outside are the subject’s shadows through the frosted glass walls… (That’s if you’re not watching the 27” vertical external monitor showing all their poses)! The Twin Peaks Booth® has about a 5’x10’ footprint and stands 11’ tall at the top of the peaks! Have a low ceiling? No problem, we can take it down from an 11’er to about an 8’er!

Ear2Ear® has put a ton of time, love and creativity into their booths. Not to mention what goes on with the technical side. All of the booths use state of the art camera’s and sub-dye printers. They’re battle tested and ready to go! The booths are big, but break down to fit into almost any venue. Don’t settle for less!